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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Romolo Grano - Musica Elettronica 1973


This album must have been made by aliens. It is without a doubt one of the craziest, most extreme psyched out electronic library albums I own. On the back of the cover and the record label itself it says "electronically tested in a sound laboratory" & "a new dimension in sound". From the distant universe style sleeve to the far echoed drones and blips, you must admit Romolo Grano is one weird dude. Enjoy...



  1. Damn... You might become president one day Marsellus. Do you have any possibility on uploading that Sam Sklair & Gus Galbraith - Computer Talk song? I have been eagerly seeking for it a long time.

    Peace and keep the good music up!

  2. ...at last. I was looking for this title and finally here it is. Thank you!

    Hope you're going to stick around some more...

  3. One track missing (*A5 Socket)

    A1 Zooming 3:25
    A2 Mark 3:04
    A3 Nd Filter 3:01
    A4 Wide 1:48
    A5 Socket 3:02
    A6 Slot 1:30
    A7 Cartridge 1:18
    B1 Focusing 1:48
    B2 Lens 2:18
    B3 Exposure 1:37
    B4 Provision 2:05
    B5 Shutter 1:47
    B6 Tester 1:45
    B7 Grip 1:10
    B8 Counter 1:30
    B9 Trigger 1:05

  4. sorry but the missing track is scratched to hell : (

  5. Can you check the link please, I couldn't get it to work