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Friday, December 25, 2009

Sven Libaek-Inner Space


It is pretty safe to say that Australian composer Sven Libaek has a unique sound of his own. This album (in my opinion) is some of his best work. With William Shatner doing the narration, and the sounds of Sven's orchestra playing away, it is easy to paint a mental image of the intended theme. Solar Flares on Peer Library is another great example of Sven in his prime, and without a doubt one of the most sought after soundtracks out there. Enjoy....

how about a preview?



  1. I did a little checking, Marsellus, and it looks like your copy is neithyer the Votary reissue nor the Trunk reissue, but the original on the Aussie Festival label.

    Man. how did I not have this before?

  2. HA! Yup, it's definitely one of my favorites. For the record, everything I upload will be from it's original pressing in my collection. No reissues, or other peoples rips. i will also only try and upload stuff nobody else has uploaded. Thanks for all your support from day 1 since I jumped on this thing. Peace.


  3. Is it the end already?

    Thank you for this one as well.

    BTW, did you not mentioned some Sam Sklair / Gus Galbraith - The Micro Chip Revolution?

    It would definitely be very appreciated...

  4. Yay! Aww yeah. I like this blog and will keep visiting.

    Thanks for posting the library goodness!

  5. Yeahh....I actually went to some sea-world type exhibit many decades ago when I was a small child, and I recall some spacey creepy music playing along to a Shatner monologue; I am just gonna assume this is the thing! So thanks profusely for fulfilling one of my oddest album wishes!

    BUT, one request if I may be greedy... looks like the tracks are all in alphabetical order as there are no track #s given for the songs.. any chance you'd come back and post the proper track order?

  6. Nevermind, found it myself via Google:

    1. Main Title Theme
    2. Inner Space
    3. Music For Eels
    4. Sounds Of The Deep
    5. Islands Of Birds
    6. Nocturnal Lullaby
    7. Danger Reef
    8. Seasnakes
    9. Thatcherie
    10. Turtlemusic
    11. Dark World
    12. Crown Of Thorns
    13. Midget Monsters
    14. Beche De Mer
    15. Attacking Sharks
    16. Inner Space

  7. Is there anything you would be willing to trade for this one on the Hoctor label?

  8. ehhh, sorry but not until I get another copy.


  9. have the trunk re-issue..dope stuff!

  10. anyone else having trouble unzipping this file? quite strange it says it's not compressed. Im on a mac so maybe that explains it

  11. ah, the file is only 1kb big. Something wrong with the file downloading service.
    Any chance of a re upload :)
    Love the site, especially the Bruton music

  12. glad to finally be able to listen to this! thanks

  13. Can someone please share a link. The link is broken. I am such a fan of jazz. This is rare album.

  14. Hello Marsellus! Any chance of re-upping this? Thanx in advance!

  15. Seconding the re-up requests !

  16. I am so bummed I lost all this stuff man..maybe just hit me up, heh