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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sven Torstenson - Drugs


One crazy library record on Sonoton right here. This album pretty much is what it is. With track titles such as "Heroin, Horror Trip, The Morning After, & Dealers Corner", I'm sure you can imagine where it might take you. Unusual synth arrangements from all over the place with a HUGE 80's B movie personality. Although this was recorded in the 70's, trying to interpret it's sound is proving to be a bit tough. Just grab it....



  1. Tried to download but the file was corrupted(?).
    Hook a bruddah up with this masterpiece!

  2. Hey! Anyone know the year of this release? I cant find it anywhere. Thanks!

  3. Much kudos for the Sven Torstenson 'Drugs' album, I really love music that has no fixable spatio-temporal co-ordinates, as you say, its really hard to pin down to a specific date and thats what makes it feel so "Other" and "out there".
    Going by the Discogs entry for Sonoton (my new library obsession after the French Telemusic one!) its definitely post 78 and personally I thought around 1980/81.
    Many thanks again for sharing this rarity, it is most appreciated.

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  5. is it possible to get a re-up of this?!, missed out on this one!