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Monday, March 22, 2010

Round House - Down To Earth (link fixed hopefully)


Well, it has been a long time. I'm sure some of my whopping 18 followers were wondering if I fell off. Well, no I did not. I have been working on a mixtape. I will get further into that in the post above this one. I know that I owe some of you a B side to an album, that I apologize for (you will have to remind me). It takes some time to rip these LP's, and well, I try to spend most of mine making music, digging for records, and hanging out with my fiance. Needless to say, I have a very special album right here for you. This is an album that I am in the process of ripping (and promise to finish) as I type. It is a mixture of Swedes, Germans, and Hungarians on the well respected Harvest label (sorry library heads). This album is by a group named Round House. The title is "Down To Earth". It is by far one of my favorite albums. If you are a fan of Placebo, then this is for you. It is impossible to find, and that is why I am providing it (as with any other rips I provide). To those who continue to follow my blog, thank you for having patience with me. After this post, I have something very special for all you library heads.....enjoy!

-Marsellus Wallace

how about a preview?

link fixed hopefully >>>>>> http://www.mediafire.com/?6o6xra1ihxb61h7



    Are you KIDDING me?? I have been desperate for someone, anyone to post this album for maybe two years, ever since "Alchemy is Good For You" appeared on an Italian sampler.

    You're a freakin' worshippable godddddd !!!

  2. hi - you are a savior! a savior!
    whats the quality of your rip? flac?
    Thanks for all this!

  3. This Roundhouse album is super obscure good post. Hey you wouldnt happen to have their first album Scuse Me-1972 would you

  4. the only place i've ever seen any evidence of this album that i've been told is a killer, that's mp3, cassete, vinyl and cd and it's on z-share!!! i'm doooooomed i tell ye i'm doooooooooooomed!!! it's really not your problem but z-share hates my guts man, any chance of uploading this to a different site??

    i would be eternally endebted to you marsellus...

    yours most hopefully doctor zoots

  5. mate,i said it before and i'ma say it again, you're the man! if only everyone who blogged was as accomodating, cheers geez



  6. Great 70s album!
    Thank you very much!

  7. thanks a lot marcellus......at least i found this precious one here....i will keep on trying to get ''´scuse me'' album