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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mladen Franko - Amazing Space Vol.1


Re-upped at 320! Another gem from the Sonoton catalog right here! Although this album has a bit of a cheese factor, it is the true sound of 70's library! Spacey disco funk with an analog emotional twist. Enjoy...

how about a preview?



  1. Thanks so much for reupping this in all its 320 glory! I remember when you posted your first rip of this on the Library Hunt comments section (all those months ago!) and I hoped that one day you would do a higher quality rip and finally that day has come! Its certainly not the best example of French seventies spacediscoprogelectroniclibrary music but gods, does it have its moments!

    Once again, many thanks for all your time and effort in making these records available to listen to before you take the plunge and splash out 100/200 Euros on something you thought would be fantastic and turned out not to be so ;)

  2. This one is just amazing!


  3. I wondered if anyone had ever come across Volume 2 and how it compares to Volume 1 - Here is the info:

    Mladen Franko - Amazing Space Vol. 2
    Catalog#:SON 120
    Format:Vinyl, LP
    Date: Of course unknown

    There is a copy going on Discogs for 85 Euros at the moment! Seems a little steep to me.

  4. I have that one as well. Ehhh, not my cup of tea. But it still is decent.


  5. > I have that one as well.

    Hey, you're going to upload this album here? Or maybe You know where can I get it? I liked vol. 1 very mych, thanks for it.

  6. > i have this vol.1 too...

    So are You going to upload vol. 2 here too? Im looking for one specify track from this volume...

  7. Just to echo Bartholomew's request, is there any chance of sharing Volume II of Mladen Frankos "Amazing Space"?

    Thanks for turning me onto the weird and wonderful world of Sonoton by the way, it is fast becoming my favourite library label...totally tripped out, the way I like it!

  8. Ok I will rip Vol.2 as well. Gimme a few days.

  9. Hello,
    Diggin' the thread, your link is dead, is it possible to refresh it ?
    Thanks a lot !

  10. Polish label GAD Records make official CD release of both volumes, from master tapes in April. Limited to 500 copies, very nice done.

  11. Hoping for a re-up too..Had all of this stuff and my laptop was stolen..lost everything (my backup HDD was also snagged :( )
    Please reply to this if you can help me out brother! I have notifications on for this one :D