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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Under Water - Vol.2


As requested from a number of people, here is a re-ripped @ 320, vpi scrubbed, amazing piece of non-recycled vinyl : ) This is "like I always say", one of my all time library favorites. With the deep droning sounds of Sam Sklair & Otto Sieben, to the cheesier "alive at sea" sound of Mladen Franko, you are in for a treat. Very hard to find, considering the 1st vol tends to pop up every once in a great while : (

Stay Thirsty My Friends....

how about a preview?



  1. Hey, it looks like you're made some modifications here. It's good to see activity in the place. You post such great stuff and there is always anticipation to see what comes next. I'm noticing a new link or two on a few of the posts. I don't know if others will be changed or not, but thanks. I've never had trouble with zshare before, but for whatever reason it just does not agree with this computer. The downloads die before they can finish. I'm into the soul and funk sounds, too. Do you make mixes of stuff like that interspersed with the library like you might play on your show?

  2. Yea I have a library mix on the blog. Thanks for tuning in!

  3. excellent, this is an amazing album, I hope it sounds better in 320 :) cheers

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  5. hello the link http://www.zshare.net/download/75128544a01eb25a/

    it's seems to be dead ! can you reload this ? i prepare a radioshow with sea soundtracks and it could really help me ! thanks very much, really like your blog !

    colonel sweetback / http://colonel-sweetback.blogspot.com/2012/01/sweetback-sunday-number-27.html

    bye bye

  6. Great album but the link is dead

  7. ^What they said. This is sound excellent according the the preview!

  8. Wow I am really loving this music! I hope I can get a link to this.

  9. LibraryCollectorHUAugust 15, 2012 at 2:35 PM

    Great blog, great downloads - thanks a lot!!!

    However, as of August 2012, many of the links are now broken, I'd like to ask that can these Sonoton rips re-upped?

    [SON 101] Mladen Franko - Amazing Space Vol.1
    [SON 113] Walt Rockman - Under Water Vol.1
    [SON 114] Walt Rockman - Under Water Vol.2
    [SON 120] Mladen Franko - Amazing Space Vol.2
    [SON 168] Sam Sklair & Gus Galbraith - The Micro Chip Revolution

    Thanks in advance!

  10. isw there anybody there where the heck are the up mentioned download link c mon let enjoy us!

  11. Any chance this one can be re-upped? It sounds wonderful.