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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sammy Burdson (Conroy Library BMLP 121) - Background Action


No intro needed on this massive Conroy LP. Simply one of the best library records out there. Hard driven drums with slick guitar riffs, and well...Sammy Burdson. With recordings on Conroy, Sonoton, Coloursound, etc, you know what to expect with this guy. Word on the street is that Sammy is the founder of the Conroy label. Enough jabber, check out the samples...

how about a preview?

http://www.mediafire.com/?mykkwyjizhh (link fixed...hopefully)


  1. You know Sammy Burdson is Gerhard Narholz, don't ya?

  2. I knew it wasent "Sammy Burdson", but never knew Gerhard Narholz. Thanks litlgrey! Peace.


  3. aka Norman Candler aka Walt Rockman aka John Epping aka Jim Harbourg aka Mac Prindy aka Otto Sieben.

    i suspect that he may also be Mladen Franko and Renato Pregado, but don't quote me on that.

  4. Agggh! Hurricane Wheels C is corrupt!

  5. tripmaster, any such suspicions like that you may have, track them down at either the ASCAP or the BMI online composer databases.

  6. You're a prince! Maybe several princes!

  7. going to the radio I also noticed another track that got cut off too early. Be back up tomorrow. Peace.

  8. @ litlgrey - thanks for the tip. i found that the ASCAP databases don't really reveal the pseudonyms of composers, as they simply list them as separate artists. i recommend searching at faq.org, as they have a database of all copyrights, including music and sound recording copyrights, not just the performance rights like BMI and ASCAP. i was able to confirm Gerhard Narholz' different pseudonyms from this link here:


    you'll notice the different pseudonyms listed with his name along with the composer's year of birth, although not all entries indicate the pseudonym's real identity. for example, some entries for norman candler don't indicate that the name was a pseudonym for narholz. the same applies for all the others i listed. all the pseudonyms of gerhard narholz show the year of 1937 for year of birth, but i happened to notice that Mladen Franko and Renato Pregado also show 1937, which is what aroused my suspicions. could be coincidence, what do you think?

  9. this place is full of wonderful :)

  10. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that all these hard to find records are dope and you definitely got some gems. Where do you find these?

    Keep posting. I scooped all of your joints. Got any new ones for July.

    Peace...dj jaymob the producer

  11. holy moses,one of the best library album i've ever heard, i search fot this album sooooo long.
    now i heard it and i love it.
    i only have the 7'' kabul trip....
    thank you 1000 times
    mike cicodelico

  12. hehe got the 7inch kabul trip too only...
    this is dope stuff! thanks man!

  13. i sold it a few years ago now i want to grab it again !
    thx for the share !

  14. Wow, thanks fer this one! Some bangers indeedy.

  15. really great find - many thanks for posting