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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Franco Micalizzi 7''


Now I know that most of you already are aware of this amazing film score by Franco Micalizzi. But there are some new comers out there that do not know. What we have here is a very nice 45 released on Italy's CAM label from, well...a very strange 70's horror movie called Chi Sei ?(English = Beyond The Door). This movie was like an Exorcist meets Rosemary's baby kind of flick. It would be nice to actually preview it. October is coming up, so maybe I'll have to hunt down a copy of the VHS or DVD. Check out the youtube vid for a sneak view of the movie. For some reason, I seem to be on a 45 kick? Oh well...enjoy!

how about a preview?



  1. What format is that? Comes down without an extension.

  2. It's a zip file - but when I added the extension and tried to UNRAR it there was some syntax error so I hit the repair button in WINRAR and the 'rebuilt' file worked perfectly.

    Really glad I did as well, this is just one stunning seventies soul-filled 45, both tracks jawdroppingly cool though if I were forced at gunpoint to choose, it would be "Bargain With The Devil", the lyrics alone are just wonderful!

    The cover is pretty cool and slightly disturbing, the kind of art I like!

    Kudos of gigantic proportions for this one.

  3. yo i still cant play that file in winamp...i tried to open it with a few programs but none of it worked...pleeeease help me with this 1!i need that!!!good lookin!u got the best blog out there no chiiiit

  4. Damn, this reminds me alot of Alain Goraguer