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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mladen Franko-Amazing Space Vol.2


This is another one that has been requested numerous times. I must admit, I didn't give the album a fair shake at first. But this is a very interesting record. Somewhat in the vein of the first album but way harder driven. Anyways, as promised...here is Amazon Space Vol.2 from the Sonoton catalog.

how about a preview?



  1. thanks! this must be good! waiting

  2. Funny ... I was certain I had this already. Must have been Volume One. Thanks again, Realmic Citizen.

  3. Awesome shit man, love and appreciate any sonotons. Cant wait to listen!!!

  4. Great! Marsellus, thank you, thank you, thank you!...

  5. Thanks man!!!
    That samba is so sweet.

  6. My english is to weak, to express my happiness :)


  7. smh...made my day, thankyou!

  8. Amazing Space Volume 2!!! Can I believe my ears!? You finally posted it like the freakin' hero you are...I must admit, I did feel a tad guilyt hassling you to post this (given the fact you have already shared some of the most amazing library records ever to have surfaced on a music blog) but the quality of the music has washed all the guilt away ;)

    Worth downloading just for the 'Spirit Of Sports' track alone! Anyone any idea when Volume 1 & 2 came out? Sonoton are one of the worst for lack of dates in my opinion (which just adds to their charm and allure!) - late seventies I would go for...

  9. Thank you, another good post. I', watching this blog of yours for months now.
    Amazing space vol.2 is way better than vol.1 I think, and also one of three - four posts in your blog I like most.