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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sylvano Santorio - Charlotte Detective


WOW! What a great album we have here. If you remember Sylvano Santorio from labels such as IM, MP 2000, etc, then you sort of know what to expect with this album. But, listening to it, just reminds me of a hazy dream where I am being chased by cops in a dark urban alleyway. Hmmm. I don't know how else to put it. It is pressed on Charles Talar. But let me tell you, this record is rare, and very dope. Enjoy...

how about a preview?



  1. What is the catalogue number on this, pleez?

  2. This lp is really good, thanks!

  3. This is fantastic, a crate digger's gem. It's sexy, sensual, dreamy and not a bit cheesy. Thanks for the share!

  4. Thanks alot! Really digging this!

    Is track 3, face A, missing in the rip or just a typo?

  5. the dream sequence description sold me out on this one. but in general, this blog is really cool, thanks for sharing all this stuff.

  6. Holy shit! What a banger... just stumbled on this blog lookin for something on google and gotta say, greatness here! Going through the backpages now and hopefully the links are still live. Thanks for all the great rips!