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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Daniel Janin - Black Night & Saramina


Most of you already know of Mr. Eddy Driver, aka Daniel Janin. His arrangements have been compared to Axelrod in quality. I'm a little more of an Axelrod fan considering the catalog size. But either way, there is no point in comparing the two. Again, a lot of you out there are already hip to this, but I just wanted to post the tracks for a little groove time...unno? With Black Night & Saramina being a few of the fav's on this record, I leave you the preview. I seem to be on a kick of not leaving links...but have no fear, I'll make up for that! Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease.


how about a preview?

Black Night



  1. Nice interesting album, if you ever do put this album up complete it will certainly be a good one.


  2. Would love to hear that album! Knew 'Black Night" from somewhere but hadn't heard the other one ... anyway thanks for the previews :)

  3. Hi there, i frequently visit your site, ' cause it's great. Thank you for all these fine albums and especially your own achievment. I listen to it quite often. Very nice work.
    For today i have a technical question: How to embed your audio-previews? I can't see them if i use Firefox. Would really like to know how to fix this. Obviously i'm lacking a plug-in, but which?
    Thanks again for this fine blog.

  4. Sorry, i meant of course: "How DO YOU embed your audio-previews?" Not a native speaker, but i guess that's obvious.

  5. two tracks are on Paris 70's - Mélodie En Soul Sol VA. Awesome posts lately Marsellus, keep up the good work.


  6. I do the posts on a divshare account. Just google it and you can read about it. Thanks for tuning in!


  7. This is super dope! They should teach students at music academy to perform music like this.

  8. Problem solved! Thanks for your help.

  9. Just for info :

    quote : 'Most of you already know of Mr. Eddy Driver, aka Daniel Janin. His arrangements have been compared to Axelrod in quality. ...'

    Eddy Driver was only a keyboard player in Daniel JANIN's orchestra .
    Here, the versions of Saramina & Black night are a little bit different (more keyboards) than the one on Daniel JANIN's only name vinyls...

    So the 2 tracks on the excellent compilation Paris 70's, are DANIEL Janin's version...

    Calmos (from France)

    1. Any chance of upping this album please?


    2. Nope. Thanks for tuning in though!