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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunrise LTD. - Until My Love Returns


Seldom seen, and very rare private press on Pizzazz Records out of Detroit. This is an excellent jazz record with tons of Fender Rhodes, and of course...breaks! This album is pure HEAT I can tell you!!! As usual, I'll let my sound clip do the rest of the talking. Enjoy...

how about a preview?



  1. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!! That is Bananas!!! Can't wait for that one, thanks

  2. holy mother of.....been tryna dig myself a copy of this for SO LONG!!! Can't wait bro, sincere thanks :-)

  3. haha nice! I'm glad you folks enjoy it. It's so hard to locate. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks a lot for posting this but I found it very weak.I got sucked in by your hype for it!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. A lovely mellow Jazz LP.

    L,J & A always hits the spot for me.

    Respect to the Ragster in the UK for the original introduction & to you Marsellus for sharing.

    Mr Jazz Obsessive in the UK

  6. I only gave em a track from this, would you like me to re direct people over ?


  7. Love the cover , it fits well to the sound . Really a nice listen from start to finish :) . Thanks a lot for this .


  8. This blog is a treasure trove! You've done an outstanding job. Kudos to you for everything.

  9. Wow Wow Wow...I can not tell you how long I have been searching for this Album. I am Nate Chillis's son (Also Nate) My dad played the Sax on this Album. I was at the recording sessions , in Detroit, as a kid and I have been looking for this for years. My dad no longer has a copy either so he will be so amazed that I found it. I can not thank you enough for posting this !!! It has literally brought tears to my eyes listening to this and memories I can't even express. Thank you again and keep doing what you're doing.

    1. Nate, my wife, Clara Vaughn Ball, taught at Murray Wright High from the 60s through the 90s. I don't know if she knew your dad, but she certainly knew of him. I think I have a copy of the LP, but I'm not sure what shape it's in. I've planned to digitize it.

      Bob Ball

  10. You are a very lucky man Nate. I'm glad I could shed some light back on this album for you. It is a very hard album to find. Enjoy, and please...thank your father!