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Monday, August 1, 2011

Ruud Bos - Naakt over de schutting OST


What's going on out there? Got a new record right here that is solid all the way through! This is a Dutch soundtrack from the early 70's called Naakt over de schutting (naked over the fence). It is definitely on my top list. The record reminds me of a Alan Tew Hangman/Stefano Torossi/Roy Budd orchestra all rolled in one. It has breaks, horns, strings, and really just plan kick's ass! Enjoy...

how about a preview?



  1. Excellent stuff, thanks so much for this, love the arrangements.
    Found some good front n back covers :



  2. This is a lot of fun - thank you!

  3. Wow ! that's a great find. Thank you for sh@ring it.

  4. so great! amazing blog. thank you for your hard work! peace and blessings!

  5. Millions, Trillions, Zillions of THanx for this MOST VALUABLE and IMPORTANT Contribution to keeping "Off-Mainstream"- and nearly forgotten (In some cases) Music Alive!!!
    This particular Record; and lots and lots of others in your Blog's just
    Bulls Eye!
    I LOVE these 70s Suondtracks and the sound of that era . I spent a lot of time in my first half of teens (Wich in fact were the early 70s) in The Cinema-lounge.

    Sound Libary- Records i've been aware of; but never listened to them, or had any relevant use for them as such.
    But as it is, i started up som (Veeery Private) attempt to patch together some Mix-Tapes (Using the "Virtual DJ-Free Edition" Software. We'd use Casette-Decks back in the day. :-D); probably one of the many strange directions in Mid-Life-Crisis... :-D.
    HOW-EV-ER; Those Libary- Records are Perfect for making bridges and moods betwenn more exact tunes.
    Just an Amazing Job that's done here.
    Pleease Keep it Up!

    Anno 1960