Tucker and Bloom Bags

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Some Funk to kick off your Monday!!!

Seaquence - Mix Faze

What's going on out there? To start the week off right I figured I would share an album that many of you may have heard of. For those of you who haven't, you're in for a treat! What we have here is a private modern boogie/soul record from my hometown, San Diego CA. I could go on all day about this record, but it's one of those one's that you just have to hear for yourself. A while back this was given to me as a gift by friend L Dula. At the time it was sealed, and even had mold growing underneath the cellophane. I'm sure you can see it on the bottom half. The record was even moldy from not breathing over the course of the years. But with a little wash in the VPI and some TLC this thing cleaned up brand new, bright and shiny. If I were to describe this record, I would say it's funky, soulful, and very danceable. At times it sounds like Average White Band. At other times it reminds me of Tarika Blue. My favorite track "life", is truly an amazing modern soul composition. Then there's "ooh, your love"....another fantastic track on the album! The rest of the tracks are dance floor fillers/grooves just to get down to. Enjoy!


Friday, November 8, 2013

It's Friday!!!

                                     Jacky Giordano - Organ Plus

Yep!!! That's right. It's Friday, and there's no better way to celebrate...than to come out of nowhere with a few heavy hitter library and rare LP's! For starters, it has been a pretty nice day. I don't have too many days off of work, and when I do....the feeling to work seems to always take over!!! With that said, I present to you a very rare album by Mr. Jacky Giordano himself. Lately I have been on an IM Library kick. This album is a true representation of why I love that label. It's a beast. Enjoy! 


                 Steven Boyd - Wild & Wonderful Jazz Technique

Mellow, chill, and also quite funky! That's how I describe this album. Statler records used to put out albums that were driven towards rock, jazz, and disco instructional programs. Pressed in limited batches, these private recordings are hard to put your hands on, and found on an extremely lucky day (to say the least). This reason, is is exactly why I had to show this record and give to you a piece of wax that is not exactly that common. I hope you enjoy :)


                                               Gianni Oddi - Dreamin'

Wow!!! This 45 is pretty much one of the best and most collectable amongst Italian film and soundtrack collectors. Gianni Oddi's arrangements are definitely on top when it comes to this release. From the beginning, it starts off with a drum pattern that hits off beat and then rolls into a deep funky guitar lick. When the bass line hits, it only gets funkier. Female moaning, aggressive strings, very deep grooves, this 7" takes the cake!!! Enough jibber jabber, just download it :)


                             Parry Music Library 04 - Music For Drama

I gotta admit, this is one of my favorite library records! "Moods for Drama", is one of the best releases from this mysterious and highly regarded Canadian library label, Parry Music. Underground agent is heavy, mellow, and funky to say the least! "The big climb" is sharp, forward, and shows how on point Paul Kass, Bob Ashcroft, and Johnny Hawksworth can be. The rest of the album has dramatic cues, links, bridges, and funky horns, With one listen to all 22 tracks, it reminds you of how much potential the grooves beneath this record has. But, as usual...enough of my mouth! Just check that link below ;) !!! 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let's Go!!!

Freqnik & WDRE - Pass The Peas / Zulu Chant 

When it comes to party rocking joints and classic hip hop remixes, Freqnik & WDRE are my go to guys! Their newest 7" release is without a doubt one of the best they have done yet, and with one listen you may see why! Pass the Peas has the soul of a 10:00 pm song, and the indefinite potential of a 1:30 am track. Zulu Chant is one of those tracks that you can play at any given moment, and you're guaranteed to make a few heads turn. To be honest, I can't really begin to give this a solid review without reccomending you to just press play below and hear it for yourself! While you're at it, go ahead and grab doubles from the many links below. 

                                      Michael Small - Klute OST


A few months ago, I was able to take a quick jump to Philly and NY to DJ hang out with the homies DJ Rate, Case, Froz 1, and Personify. What a trip! From the moment I set foot off the plane, Sir Smok showed me the local 7-11 mall to pick up Rate's gas station hot dog that looked like indigestion mixed with an alcoholics scattered pancreas. Honestly, I felt bad! But if you know Rate and his little hanger issue, reality sets in and your brain reminds you of what needs to be done. Ok I'm getting side tracked, let's fast forward. I gotta give it up! Philly was one of the best city's I have dug through in quite some time. As soon as I walk into the store, I see this gem looking back at me (with the help of Froz 1). Woooooo!!! I have been after this soundtrack for years. What we have here is a small private production LP by Michael Small called "Klute". This OST is everything I tend to look for when it comes to crime thriller soundtracks. It has various themes that intertwine with each other, painting a dark and somewhat haunting mental image of what the movie entails. Not only does this soundtrack exemplify a crime filled cinema throwback from the 70's, but it also reminds me of hanging with my friends pillaging through record stores and relentlessly making fun of each other. Good times! I'm sure you understand!  Enjoy :)


31 Days

I guess a little late than never works for my next entry. Without a doubt, October is my favorite month. Fall is my favorite season! For Oct of 2013, I wanted to make a mixtape that reflected this special  holiday and pay homage to our favorite season of the witch...Halloween! It took me 31 Days, it's 31 mins long, and it's called "31 Days". It's also a FREE download. Thank you for all of your support!