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Monday, September 29, 2014

Just a heads up!

A friend of mine had some T-Shirts made, and I had to cop a few myself. They're album cover scans for 2 of Piero Umiliani's BEST albums, "Il Corpo and To-Day's Sound". High quality American Apparel T's at that! If you are familiar with these albums, then you already know the deal. Definitely 2 of my favorite records. Anyways, if you feel like taking your record nerding to the next level, I highly suggest you snag a few of these. $25 each. Email him at Segueemery@gmail.com.

Alessandro Alessandroni - Farfalla

What's happening world? After a long and hot summer, the weather is getting to the ideal temperature out here in sunny San Diego. Without a doubt, Fall is my favorite season. Everything starts to cool down, and leaves begin to die. It's very symbolic. Plus, that also means Halloween is right around the corner! Anyways, I figured to celebrate my favorite season, I'd share with everyone another HEAVY Italian gem on the highly sought after label Sermi. What we have here is Alessandro Alessandroni's extremely rare LP called "Farfalla". The cover alone is outstanding. The music ranges from Jazz to Psyche to just about everything you can imagine. It's kind of hard to pin point what genre this would fall into. Regardless, it's outstanding. This is not your average library record that has a few dramatic loops and open drums. It's top notch! Also, there's not many of these are floating around. Even more of a reason to share it with all of you. As always with my posts, it has never been reissued. So until it is, enjoy this rip. Also, be sure to peep the sound clip!