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Monday, January 26, 2015

Luciano Simoncini/Remigio Ducros - America Amore Amaro


Hello there! I hope everyone's New Year is starting off well. Mine seems to feel the same but hey, we're only 3 weeks into it so I guess I'll have a little more patience. With that said, I'd like to kick things off in the new year with one of the most elusive Italian library records on the "Edi-Pan" label. What we have here is another Remigio Ducros and Luciano Simoncini (Arawak, Jason Black, etc) sure shot! Fantastic record for those who are into the classic Simoncini/Ducros sound. Very reminiscent of the Accadde A and Jason Black recordings posted in the past. What you can expect are tightly knitted and compressed drums, stoned flute sections, shouting horns, Fender Rhodes Piano, and that signature spacey wah wah guitar that's on all of the earlier Simoncini recordings. As with many of the Ducros and Simoncini recordings, it seems to be a geographical tour of America, and shows their take on our culture at the time. To top things off, the pressing is nice and loud, and this was ripped from a stone mint copy. I even cranked the levels a few notches. So other than having the record, it should be a very high quality rip. Peep the sound clip!