Tucker and Bloom Bags

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

90 POSTS!!!

Can you believe it? Since I started my blog, i've posted 90 records. That's a lot of heat!! Let me get this next post started with a small disclaimer. I receive a LOT of messages weekly. Some people asking more info about the album, mostly enthusiasts like myself asking me to "re-up" a link. Please understand this, I do this for free. I receive NO money for these postings. Matter of fact, I pay money for these posts. When a link get's deleted by the rare groove police, it's done. That's it, unfortunately. I'm not going to go out of my way to re-rip the record and fight the power. It's hilarious. I even get people messaging me asking me to clean up my record and send them the link so it's not so "crackily". Is this what the world of "digging" has come to? Are we so spoiled by people posting links to music that we have the audacity to message them and ask them to "clean their sneakers"? Well, if this is the way things are going moving forward, I'm ghost. Through my many years of "FREE record giving", I've NEVER asked for anything in return. I've made it a point to always do a few things. Post records that have not already been posted, and continue to shine light on artists that have never been reissued. Some of you may have rips of these albums. These were passed hand to hand from friends of yours that either have the record, or know someone who has it. Or you have the original!!! Either way, I've made it a point to always post original stuff. So with all due respect, please understand I do this for you, not me. This will be the only rant you will see me have. With that said, let's get into this next post. EXTREMELY rare album on the FLY label out of Italy. Peep it!